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To take driving lessons, you must hold a valid provisional driving licence. You will be asked to show your provisional driving licence at your first lesson. You must also be able to read a standard car number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres. A driving licence is not required for driving lessons at Dunsfold Park, as it is classed as private land.
Lessons are 2 hours.  For new drivers this time may include driving to and from a safe area suitable to practice in.
Lessons will start and finish at a pre-arranged place when the appointment is booked.  Any late changes you make may result in additional charges being incurred or lost lesson time.
Whilst every effort will be made to keep good time, road and traffic conditions, bad weather or mechanical problems may cause unavoidable delays in my schedule. I will try to make up any lost time to you, or arrange another lesson as soon as possible and at your convenience.
If it is suspected that the pupil is or has recently been under the influence of alcohol or drugs the lesson will be terminated immediately and the full lesson price will still be charged.
I will advise the pupil when they are ready for test.  All instructors have a professional and moral responsibility to put pupils forward for test only when they are able to drive safely and independently.  This is for their safety, the examiners and other road users.  Should the pupil not have reached the required standard for the test I will suggest a more suitable date.  If you chose to ignore this advice I reserve the right to refuse the use of the driving school car for the purpose of the test.
On the day of your test you will be charged for use of the car, this usually covers 2 hours.  In the event of the test being cancelled by the DSA, you may apply for a refund of the lesson from the DSA.
The booking of a test is on the understanding that the remaining course of agreed lessons be taken.  If you decide to cancel some or all of your lessons before the test I reserve the right to refuse the use of the driving school car if you have not reached the required standard.
Each lesson must be paid for in advance or at the start of the lesson by cash or cheque (payable to J. Kerr). Lessons will not take place without payment.  Payments of test fees must be made before a test can be booked.  
Block booking is a pre paid course of 10 hours, and a discount will be applied when purchased.
You must give at least 48 hours notice and during normal office hours (9am to 6pm) if you wish to cancel a driving lesson or you will still be liable for the lesson fee in respect of that lesson.
A payment of £20 will be given to you when you recommend a pupil to me and that new pupil has taken 10 hours of tuition.
I will carry the appropriate motor insurance should an accident occur as a learner whilst driving my tuition vehicle, whether you are accompanied by me or a Driving Standards Agency Examiner.
I have been highly trained and have passed the strict examinations of the Driving Standards Agency. Also, instructor standards are checked periodically by the Agency. At no time should there be any form of personal contact between the Instructor and student, other than a formal greeting or in cases of emergency, where I have to take action to prevent an accident. I will always act in a professional manner, and provide a well cared for and highly maintained vehicle.
If you have any concerns about your driving tuition, please talk to me first.  If I cannot resolve your concerns, please contact The ADI Registrar, Driving Standards Agency, Stanley House, 56 Talbot Street, Nottingham. NG1 5GU.